Hypothyroidism Underactive Thyroid Symptoms And Causes

hypothyroid story

In fact, many endocrinologists and researchers recognize that symptoms alone aren’t usually used to assess the effectiveness of treatment laboratory values are. I was so relieved to get a diagnosis after months of being told that my symptoms were basically all in my head. But I was also worried about my health and resentful about the diagnosis.

Or you can have hyperthyroidism, when your thyroid overperforms. That less common condition is what I had, and it also may or may not be autoimmune. I had the autoimmune kind, known as Graves’ disease. Pyrroles disorder results in chronic long term deficiencies of zinc and Vitamin B6.

hypothyroid story

I became expert at starting things and never finishing. My wife told me I had lost my “mojo” and she was right. My weight had ballooned, sleep was almost impossible. I limped continually and took powerful painkillers. Due see post to hypothyroidism, even in summer, my hands, feet and body were always. I had allergies, asthma, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic sinus infections, severe PMS and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

I have been taking low dosage iodine for 1.5 years and am still deficient. So this time, I am again taking the high dosage iodine supplement from Lucy Rose Clinic (capsule form). You can only get this medication from a doctor, not a naturopath, and you cannot order it online. Most regular doctors or endocrinologists will not issue this medication, so it is best to see an Integrative Doctor.

I also know that my body needs the nutrients in wild, organic animal protein to support both immune and thyroid health as well as other bodily functions. pop over to these guys Ironically, my vegetarianism and Mom’s healthy foods were part of what was making me sick. In fact, none of those choices sat well with me.

By this stage, we were back in Australia so I immediately booked in to see my naturopath. She referred me to official statement a holistic doctor who specialised in hypothyroidism. We did all the testing and my results came back fine.

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