The Link Between Anxiety And High Blood Pressure

can anxiety cause high blood pressure

A mental health professional can help you find the best treatment. High blood pressure in children may be caused by problems with the kidneys or heart. But for a growing number of kids, high blood pressure is due to lifestyle habits such as an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. For most adults, there’s no identifiable cause of high blood pressure. This type of high blood pressure is called primary hypertension or essential hypertension. Plaque buildup in the arteries, called atherosclerosis, increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Chronic stress, on the other hand, includes long-standing problems like relationship issues, financial troubles, food insecurity, and job-related stress. There’s no proof that these conditions are directly linked to high blood pressure. But the hormones the body makes when under emotional stress might damage arteries.

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There are several well-proven treatments for both high blood pressure and anxiety. Your healthcare provider will work with you to make an individualized treatment plan to address your needs. It’s well known that acute anxiety can dramatically increase blood pressure levels. The rise happens because of the body’s response look at this to sudden stress, known as the “fight or flight response.” High blood pressure significantly increases your risk of serious health conditions, including heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, and eye problems. Anxiety and high blood pressure (hypertension) can occur together and even cause each other.

can anxiety cause high blood pressure

This includes increasing physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting sodium, and increasing intake of whole foods. While anxiety can cause temporary hypertension, it isn’t necessarily going to cause long-term hypertension. But if you have any concerns about how anxiety could be impacting your health, talking with a doctor is a good first step. In addition, anxiety usually comes from a situational or other specific cause. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can also be short-term or persistent.

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Discuss them with your healthcare provider to find the one (or combination) that is right for you. In addition to lifestyle factors, you may need medication to look at this get your blood pressure under control or to treat mood and anxiety disorders. Many different classes of medications are available to treat these conditions.

Systolic blood pressure measures the force of blood against your artery walls when your heart beats, while diastolic blood pressure is the measure of that force in between heartbeats. Stress is unavoidable, but how you deal with stress appears to have an important role in the effect it has on your health. According click here for info to the research, SSRIs are most effective when combined with psychotherapy. Breathing can help center us and provides oxygen to our brain cells. The more oxygen our brain and other organs get, the better we can respond to stress. Have you ever had a great night’s sleep and felt calm, relaxed, and focused?

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