Headache Location Meaning: Behind The Eyes, Side Of Head & More

headache behind left eye

A daily medication regimen may be needed to treat chronic migraines and prevent headaches behind the eyes. A headache behind the eyes is something most people experience at some point in their life. Symptoms include pain that originates in the sinuses or in back of the eye that may or may not throb like a pulse. Each cluster headache lasts an average of one to three hours. In some people, they may happen on alternate days and can occur several times a day.

There’s a very complex network of nerves and blood vessels in your head, neck and face. Even the smallest problem with them can learn more here lead to a headache. If you can pinpoint the location of your pain, it could help you figure out what’s causing your headache.

A dentist can prescribe an oral device to keep you from grinding your teeth at night. There also appears to be a strong genetic link for migraines, with 70% of sufferers reporting at least one close relative who also has a history of migraines. It may also help these details to avoid specific triggers, such as alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco products, and make other lifestyle adjustments. Making lifestyle adjustments may also prevent the pain from recurring. A migraine episode usually starts gradually and builds in intensity.

It lasts three months or longer without treatment. It’s not very common, but it might happen more often than researchers used to think. Some infections cause pain that feels like a headache behind or between your eyes.

Accompanying symptoms such as vomiting, changes in vision, and jaw pain also warrant a visit to a healthcare provider. People who have tension headaches more than 15 times a month for three consecutive months are considered to have chronic tension headaches. When a person experiences one to eight short, painful headaches over a day, they have likely had a cluster headache.

A doctor may prescribe antidepressants, antiseizure medications, or oral birth control pills as preventive measures for people who experience frequent migraine headaches. A person may find relief from a migraine episode by resting in a darkened room. Placing a cool, damp towel over the eyes may help, as well.

headache behind left eye

You might feel it when you’ve been looking at a digital screen or small print for a while without a break. This is when your eyes get tired from working too hard from blog doing things like staring at a computer screen or driving for a long time. Scleritis is a severe inflammation of the sclera, or outer coating of the eyeball.

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