Gout: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

what is gout in the foot

Your doctor or nutritionist can also recommend changes in your diet to help prevent flare-ups. Balanced eating and healthy lifestyle habits can help you successfully manage page gout. Your doctor may also order a test to check for a buildup of uric acid in your joint. A sample of fluid taken from your joint can show whether it contains uric acid.

These lumps may be painful and swollen, and they can permanently damage your joints. It is normal to have some uric acid in your blood, but people with gout create too much of it. It’s not clear what causes the abnormal deposits of CPP crystals you can try here in cartilage. They may form because of unusual cells in the cartilage, or they may be the result of another disease that damages cartilage. CPP crystals may be released from cartilage during a sudden illness, joint injury, or surgery.

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You’ll probably notice a sudden, intense pain in your affected joints. Gout attacks often develop overnight, so you might notice symptoms when you wake up in the morning. It’s common to go from having no symptoms to experiencing severe symptoms all at once during a gout attack.

what is gout in the foot

If similar deposits form in the kidneys, they can lead to painful and potentially dangerous kidney stones. To prevent the recurrence of gout flare-ups, a healthcare provider may prescribe Zyloprim (allopurinol) or Uloric (febuxostat). These medications help keep the body’s uric acid levels low. They are typically recommended if you have more than one gout attack yearly. Gout is a kind of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints.

“With Gout Solution, you’re not just treating symptoms, you’re addressing the root cause. It’s about holistic health, understanding the role of uric acid, and making informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle. It’s about reclaiming your mobility and your life Learn more about our services.

Ashley Olivine is a health psychologist and public health professional with over a decade of experience serving clients in the clinical setting and private practice. Treating gout is usually a combination of managing your symptoms during a flare and reducing how often you consume high-purine foods and drinks. But a high consumption of alcohol (more than 12 drinks per week) can increase the risk especially in men. Beer is more likely than liquor to influence the risk.

The joint might be very sensitive, even to the lightest touch. Anti-inflammatory medications are usually continued navigate here until the pseudogout attack goes away. Symptoms are often better within 24 hours after treatment begins.

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