Strength Training 101: 5 Exercises For Adding Power To Your Swing

golf swing exercises

Now, the sport is all about the right golf exercises, training, eating the proper nutrition, and taking care of your body. Without adequate mobility in particular areas of the body, making the swing we want, or our instructor is advising us to, may be impossible. The vast majority of the clients I work with either in person or online have at least some mobility limitation that is affecting their swing. Many of us sit too much whether at work or commuting, and don’t do enough to combat this lack of movement. Three primary areas of importance to keep mobile are the spine, the hips, and the shoulders. Depending on where you live many of you will be dealing with harsh weather conditions, making outdoor golf practice and play impossible.

golf swing exercises

If you do this circuit three to four times per week, you will have the power to hit bombs come spring. And if you missed the first week in our strength training Home Fitness series, check it out below. Now for this week’s workout, make sure you go from one exercise to the next in a circuit format, doing four sets of 10 reps per exercise.

This month, we’re upping the ante by adding strength-building workouts. This type of exercise works well for the obliques the muscles that run down the side of your core which are a big power source in the golf swing. This activity is going to improve your grip strength too, which is an advantage if you’re someone who struggles to escape thick or juicy rough.

All three areas are utilized in the golf swing, and we don’t want any weak links. I think there’s a big opportunity for female and junior golfers in particular to increase club head speed, by developing more upper body strength and power. For many, it’s easier to develop lower body strength, so I see this type of exercise click here for info as a crucial part of any speed training for golf. Push strength and power is linked to club head speed potential, plus it helps develop core and trunk control, as well as shoulder stability. If I could only prescribe one exercise to golfers to help them increase their clubhead speed, this would likely be it.

If a golfer has good spinal, hip, and shoulder mobility, they are on their way to having the mobility needs for a high quality, efficient golf swing covered. You already have an exercise for the spine and hips above, and by adding this shoulder mobility exercise, you will internet have the big 3 areas of mobility covered. I see far too many senior golfers with shoulder operations; please look after yours. Last month, Home Fitness focused on improving your mobility in areas important to your golf swing like the upper back, shoulders, and hips.

To perform a box squat, first find a box that reaches the height of your thighs when you’re in a squatting position and grab a barbell. Next, with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outward, use an overhand grip to lift the barbell. Squat sell down low until your thighs are about parallel to the ground and your behind is hovering over the box. Last up is the follow-through, which occurs from the moment the club is swung past the ball and until the swing is finished, says Dr. Conrad.

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