Is Your Golf Swing Steep Or Shallow? What Golfers Need To Know

shallow golf swing

Although this training aid does not purely focus on shallowing your golf club, it helps you achieve synergy between your arms, hands, shoulders, and hips. To avoid casting the club, it is important to focus on maintaining lag in the downswing. Lag refers to the angle between the clubshaft and your lead arm during the downswing. By maintaining this angle for as long as possible, you can store and then release energy at the right moment, resulting in a powerful and accurate strike. As you rotate your shoulders, allow your lead arm (left arm for right-handed golfers) to extend fully, ensuring a wide swing arc.

Moreover, your trail elbow will get farther from your body because you won’t be bending your shoulders at all. More importantly, you lose a lot of strength when you use your shoulders and arms first. You can get a clear understanding of what it is if you follow the tour pros closely. You’ll notice a peculiar movement on their end when they’re bringing their driver or long iron as hard as they can toward the ball.

This sweeping motion can lead to cleaner, crisper strikes on the ball, allowing you to compress it properly and generate optimal spin and launch conditions. Golfers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their game and enhance their performance on the course. In this section, we will explore the benefits of shallowing the golf club and how it can take reference your game to the next level. So, are you ready to take your grip and setup to the next level and start shallowing the golf club? Let’s dive into the next section and explore backswing techniques for achieving a shallow club path. Proper grip and setup are essential components of the golf swing, especially when it comes to achieving a shallow club path.

Master this move in practice so you can take it to the golf course with ease. Try to soften your right arm so it folds more in the backswing. This will help get the right shoulder/arm behind you in the backswing and in a much better spot to attack the ball from the inside and achieve shallowing.

shallow golf swing

If you make the incorrect shift, the water bottle will hit you in the head so make sure to swing very slow and deliberate. You really want to feel the shallow swing in slow-motion before going to the range. Instead look at more info of putting the tee in front of the ball, put something behind the ball like a plate from Fat Plate Golf. This training aid will help you improve your angle of attack and make sure you don’t get too steep.

The grip is the only connection between the golfer and the club, making it crucial to get it right. When you have your downswing started with the upper body, which is wrong, you will end up coming down too steep into look at more info the ball. Instead, you need to shift most of your body weight to the left at the top of the swing immediately. Your body and club will do the work naturally if you learn to make consistent contact with the ball.

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