Demystifying The Juju Golf Swing: Techniques, Benefits, And Application

juju golf swing

In addition, the juju swing puts less strain on areas like the lower back, knees, and wrists. Golfers can protect themselves from long-term injuries by using this technique. Rehearsing successful shots beforehand boosts confidence and reinforces good habits. It eliminates doubt and makes it easier to hit shots precisely. Your feet and legs will also be driving more due to the hip bump. This creates space for your hips to rotate more freely so you can release the clubhead at the exact moment of impact.

I was just absolutely fed up with my golf swing, he said. I’ll send you a login so you can practice all this stuff if you want, he told me midway through our interview-turned-pseudo-golf lesson. A quick Google search led me to poke around the look at this Juju Swing website. Near the bottom, I found an email address for inquiring minds. Looks weird, but took just a few swings to get the feel of it. In wrapping up, the Juju swing golf explanation offers a fresh and intriguing perspective on golf.

Golfers can unlock their full potential by focusing on each move and trusting in themselves. You’ll notice a massive difference in your long irons in terms of distance. Your mid-short irons may not demonstrate an increase in distance, but your ball-striking consistency should increase. The late setting of the wrists is to thank for this improved shot-making ability. The mechanics are easy to understand, but to take full advantage, this article is focused on explaining the source from start to finish. If you find yourself in a slump, embracing this new method could be just the thing you need to breathe new life into your game.

juju golf swing

Chris and I have been buddies for a few years now and we had a blast filming a segment for GolfPass discussing the benefits and positive aspects of The Juju Swing. Zephyr Melton is an assistant editor for where he spends his days blogging, producing and editing. Prior to joining the team at GOLF, he attended the University of Texas followed by stops with the Texas Golf Association, Team USA, the Green Bay Packers and the PGA Tour. He assists on all things instruction and covers amateur and women’s golf.

He’d worked hard on his game, whittling his handicap to low single-digits in his post-basketball days. With notoriety from his world record, Peterson took Load and Explode on the road. He began showcasing his unique swing as an entertainer at fundraisers all over the country. The gig led to a chance meeting with NBA Hall-of-Famer Rick Barry. Gankas says Wolff’s swing should not be replicated, despite it’s success. Record your swings for self-assessment, helping you identify areas for improvement and tracking your progress.

With years of experience swinging clubs and exploring courses around the world, Liam shares his insights, tips, and personal stories to inspire and guide fellow golf lovers. Grips, stances, alignment, and tempo should all be taken into consideration. With consistent practice and repetition, one can unlock their full golfing potential. have a peek here Here is a summary of what happens during the swing when a player uses the Juju style. This is not official, just the result of my research when compared to a traditional golf swing. Peterson estimates his schedule is now booked out eight weeks in advance as he teaches junior golfers out of his in-home studio in Frisco, Texas.

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