Best Golf Swing Training Aids Of 2022: 9 Tools To Help You Stripe It

golf swing trainer

The Putting Tutor is a compact device that is designed to help you hit more putts squarely and start the ball rolling on-line immediately after impact. The Putting Tutor provides instant feedback and lets you know immediately when your ball is getting offline. While we have a ton of great training aids on this list to help your golf game, some aren’t very portable. But the Impact Snap Swing trainer is extremely portable and easy to see why it’s been ranked as one of the best devices for multiple years by Golf Digest. The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a training aid that has gained a lot more popularity over the past few years.

I sway off the ball WAY too much in my backswing and to a lesser extent in the downswing. I’ve been training with and swinging read what he said the Impact Sling for months now. It stays in my bag, and I swing it before every range session and every round.

The ProSENDR is all about getting your wrists into the right position. Sometimes the simplest-looking training aids can try what he says have the most profound impacts. The Stack is our Editors’ Choice and it made it onto our 2022 Best in Golf list.

It teaches the most important aspects of the golf swing intuitively and is a fantastic swing speed trainer on top of all that. SuperSpeed is the best golf swing trainer for swing speed in the game. As your speed and strength increases, you up the weight on the training club, until eventually you’re swinging faster with a training club that’s slightly heavier than your driver. So it doesn’t actually have you swinging a club at all, but rather allows you to gradually strengthen key muscle areas that will provide more power as you play. Keep scrolling for all the best golf swing speed trainers we saw this year. A swing plane trainer like TourStriker PlaneMate can help you if your club has a hard time staying on the proper plane.

The first is that the user is trying to correct the wrong problem. If you are using a training aid to correct your setup but can’t control the clubface, you won’t have much success. Take a lesson with a professional and narrow down where your struggles are in your golf game. Use technology like launch monitors and video to pinpoint the issue and then choose a training aid that focuses on that. If you have ever purchased a training aid and quickly realized you had no idea what to do with it, the Tour Striker PlaneMate could be one of the best options. The training plan included with the Tour Striker PlaneMate makes a big difference when it comes to taking your long and short games to the next level.

This device is a little more work than his other training aid, but it’s wildly effective and worth the extra effort. You can use the Impact Snap at the range or at home to feel and hear the perfect snap at impact. It’s also great to use if you’re recovering from a golf injury and can train your swing even if you’re too busy to go to the see golf course. Plus, you don’t have to worry about downloading an app or having your phone with you to train with it. Luckily, the Magnetic Club alignment stick makes it easy to see where the face is pointed at. It can help you with full shots and chip shots to ensure you’re setting up at your target before you start your backswing.

golf swing trainer

Check out GOLF’s picks for the best golf swing trainers of 2023, which include the hottest brands and most convenient items we’ve seen all year. If you’re brand new to the game or not sure where to start, I recommend buying the speed sticks and orange whip. The speed sticks will help you gain speed and distance in your swing. The orange whip will help with tempo, flexibility, and is great for warming up before your round. The lag shot 7 iron features a flexible shaft that teaches you how to feel a great swing just by swinging this innovative club. While all of these training aids are great for your full swing and some are for your short game, don’t forget about putting!

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