Best Golf Swing Trainers 2021: Buying Guide And Reviews

golf swing trainers

You will want to also look for a golf swing trainer that can fit into whichever space in which you may use it. If you don’t have much room to train, you will want to make sure you don’t get a trainer that requires a lot of room to use. With hundreds of swing trainers on the market, here are a few things you can look for to increase distance on the golf course. The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a lightweight inflatable ball that is placed between the forearms when swinging. The concept here is to help your body and arms all work together.

Essentially, this is a lightweight version of the original Orange Whip. With a lighter orange ball on the end of your trainer and flexible shaft, you’ll be able see post to develop the correct swing plane and directly increase club head speed. I put this thing on an immediately realized a mistake I was making in my swing.

It comes with the hoop, plane fin, mat, power roller, plane sensor and a 75-minute DVD to help you get it set up. Lastly, it does come with wheels so it’s easy to store in your garage or shed. The Super Swing Trainer Full Circle Training Aid is one of the oldest and most effective devices in the past few decades. sell It is designed to help guide you to a more efficient and reliable swing by eliminating your bad habits. Another new golf gadget that can help with your balance, tempo, and weight shift is the Salted Smart Insoles. This is a pretty impressive aid that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the golf world.

golf swing trainers

I am yet to talk to someone on the golf course who uses the SuperSpeed Golf Training System and doesn’t love it. As a matter of fact, below I wanted to share a video showing various PGA tour players using the SuperSpeed system. These are this content just shots of them using it, or having it in their golf bags. Also, the use cases don’t end with using it as a swing trainer. It can act as a great warm-up tool before you hit the course, as well as a general exercise tool for your core.

It will help you get rid of the chicken wing and help promote your hands being ahead of the ball at impact position. The Orange Whip Training Aid was recently voted the #1 golf training aid on the market by LPGA and PGA Tour professionals. This training aid is designed to help you with your tempo and balance plus your flexibility. That said, not all of these trainers are quite that expensive. There are some pretty decent ones available for around the $100 mark, although these may not have some of the training features of the more expensive trainers.

Or, you can just use it before you swing as a checkpoint to make sure you’re square. This small tool is portable and easy to use that delivers instant feedback. All you do is swing the club and learn from the immediate feedback that is provided. Any wobble in the shaft indicates that you need to work on your balance and tempo.

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