7 Best Golf Swing Plane Training Aid For Golfers In 2024

golf swing plane trainer

The Hanger Golf Swing Training Aid is an excellent option for those that need club face awareness. This is a swing plane golf training device but also a tool that will help you with club face awareness. One of the things we really like about the Hanger Golf Swing Training Aid is that it establishes a connection between swing plane and the club face angle. If you are looking for a way to visualize why your swing plane is off, this click here for info will help you to do so.

Another interesting golf swing plane training aids is the elbow tempo trainer. This device is strapped around your elbow in an attempt to keep it straighter during the swing. I’ve tested many of the top golf training aids for every part of your game  putting, chipping, pitching Aids for swing plane, swing tempo, and swing speed. The idea behind all of the golf swing plane training aids is to eventually not need them anymore. Some golf swing training aids will come with instructional videos. These videos help players learn what to do with the training aid and how they can effectively practice.

No matter how you’re looking to improve your swing, the Pathfinder Impact Mat can help you make serious gains. The Perfect Practice Laser Putting glasses are a great way to see exactly where your eye line is when setting up to putts. As we’ve mentioned in so many articles, half of good putting is your setup and having the eye line wrong is your first big mistake. Read our full review of the Perfect Practice Laser Putting glasses. We all know solid iron play comes from a consistent divot and that’s what the divot board is training.

golf swing plane trainer

Or, you can just use it before you swing as a checkpoint to make sure you’re square. This small tool is portable and easy to use that delivers instant feedback. But if it’s left, you will know you have an upright lie angle additional reading and if it’s right, you will have a flat lie angle. This will ultimately lead to a better backswing that gets you in a neutral position. All you do is connect it to your shaft and place the device on your left forearm.

If you don’t know, Dave Pelz is widely considered the best short game teacher in the world. He’s worked with tons of PGA pros (including short-game wizard Phil Mickelson) and even has a custom backyard with the coolest short-game facility ever. So, if you’re like most golfers who suffer from an over the top downswing that creates a big slice, try this this device could really help you! It will help you get rid of the chicken wing and help promote your hands being ahead of the ball at impact position. The next training aid is the golf impact ball which is a simple yet effective device. It’s designed to help you swing your arms, shoulders, and chest as one piece on your backswing.

If you’re someone who wishes you got the ball up and down more, this will help you get better results around the green, too. If you want a lower cost version of the Tour Striker Smart Ball, check out the Super Bee Impact Ball as well. We highly encourage you to check out our full review of the Orange Whip Swing Trainer. The manufacturer has said that you can increase your clubhead speed by 5% in 6-weeks or less! I can attest to this claim as I personally added 5-7 mph clubhead speed and about yards after 6 weeks of drills. Whether you’re playing good or bad, you’re probably always trying to get better at some part of the game.

They recommend using the board for reps three days a week, with or without golf balls. So even if you don’t have time to go to the range, you can still use it at home to get lasting results (and a more consistent golf swing). It’s easy to see why this simple, but effective product is used by over 100 professional golfers. This is a top aid to help you with alignment, ball position, swing plane, and putting alignment. Plus, they are super affordable and come in a pack of two as well! These 48 inch fiberglass alignment sticks fit in your golf bag (or travel bag) easily, and should last a long time thanks to their sturdy construction.

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