5 Different Types Of Golf Swings Used By The Pros

pro golf swing

While you probably won’t ever match their swing exactly, you’ll always know where you’re headed. This week, I’m going to try and convince you how copying pro golfer swings can be beneficial to YOUR game. Now that all of the pieces have been explained, it is important internet to remember that these moves happen all at once. I have found it most beneficial to focus on the relationship of the hands and the clubhead. When the hands work in and the club stays out in front, the hips and upper body usually work as they are supposed to.

We may be able to compensate and have good timing through the swing a few times but these moves are not repeatable. Being in the proper setup position for every shot gives the golfer a better chance at making the same motion every single time. Let’s dive into the motor patterns that lead to a perfect golf swing and better golf shots.

pro golf swing

When the body stops rotating at the bottom of the swing, the hands will still swing through and then roll over quickly. Flipping the hands creates a lot of speed and feels powerful but this move can cause a lot of inconsistent ball flight and contact. Now that you’ve mastered setup and understand the takeaway, let’s take a look at arguably look at more info the trickiest aspect of the perfect golf swing. The first topic is what the hands are doing in the takeaway. The most common mistake I see with the hands in the takeaway is when the hands work out away from the body and the left hand rolls over the right hand. This move creates separation between the hands and the rest of our body.

Dr. Conrad recommends that your wrists bend with proper control, especially during the downswing motion. In order to effectively execute a good golf swing, it’s important that you first understand the mechanics of a golf swing. In other words, you need to have a firm grasp of the different movements that make up the swing as well as how to put those in place. Here is an overview of the different parts of a good golf swing. Every golfer has ogled over Tiger Woods’s golf swing at some point in their life.

Make sure the shoulders, knees and balls of your feet are all relatively in line with each other. Relax the back so that it is not arced and be athletic. These tricks will allow the body to rotate well and improve your swing tempo. Within the setup get the facts there is a key fundamental of golf called posture. We have all been told to get into a good golf posture before we hit the ball but what is that and why is it so important? A good athletic posture is key to a relaxed but powerful golf swing.

The hands should work in over the right foot as the hips rotate back and away from the target. Now that we have established the proper swing plane created by the setup, we can talk about the perfect takeaway motion. In the takeaway there are four key areas to be aware of. All of the items I am about to mention work in tandem with each other in the takeaway. Try to work on your posture next time you are out on the range.

I created this site while playing D1 collegiate golf with a simple mission I wanted to learn the golf swing and get better at golf myself. Spotting bad golf advice is tough because good advice for one player can be bad advice for another. I’ve always been a fan of Phil Mickelson’s short game lessons. Not only is he one of the greatest short-game players in the world, but he is also a great teacher. Swing through with that finish position in mind, and I guarantee you’ll see results. There are three styles of grip whether you interlock or overlap.

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