Cyberpunk 2077: Judy Alvarez Romance Guide Dialogue, Missions, Areas

ex factor cyberpunk judy romance

First, you need to skip or wait 12 in-game hours for Judy to message you. It doesn’t matter which option you choose, just make sure you they said reply. Once you have completed all of Judy’s Main Jobs, you will unlock the ability to take part in her series of major Side Jobs.

ex factor cyberpunk judy romance

Wait for the text, then wait for the call, just like the previous quests. The day of the revolution arrives, and during the quest you’ll find out that Maiko, one of Judy’s friends, active betrays the team aiming to take the place as the Clouds’ boss. She’ll then offer for you to stay the night; accept her offer to progress a little bit in your romance with her.

This side job will become available roughly two to three days (around 48 hours) after you’ve completed Pisces. We also found that it’s become likely to occur during the day, rather than at night. additional reading If you agree to Maiko’s plan and then take her money, however, you’ll be unable to have a romantic relationship with Judy and her final side job, Pyramid Song, will be locked off from you.

There are a number of dialogue choices throughout this conversation, but the only response that affects your relationship with Judy is when she asks for your reply. To start Both Sides, Now you need to complete the main missions, Transmission, in Act Two. You need to complete the main missions quest line until you reach Transmission, which is seven missions into Act 2. Talk to the people in Judy’s apartment and spar with Tom you have to choose You can count on me because it is imperative to trigger the next side quest. Here is a complete list of all major Side Jobs, dialogue options, and special conditions that you will need to complete in order to romance Judy. Cyberpunk 2077 offers many different romance options depending on player’s actions and preferences.

Roughly twenty-four hours after you’ve finished this mission you’ll receive a call from Judy and Both Sides, Now will begin. Keep in mind that you can only sleep with Judy if you are a woman. It may have been updated or changed in a later patch, but that’s what we experienced at launch when this guide was written. Step-by-step instructions for you to follow if you want to guarantee your romantic relationship with Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077. As mentioned several times in this guide, Judy Alvarez is a lesbian. So if you are hitting on her as a male she will reject you.

After speaking to Maiko, you’ll basically be forced out of the office. If you didn’t kill Woodman during the main job, Automatic Love, Judy will ask you to go with her to kill him. You can agree to go with her or talk her down from doing it. Judy Alvarez’s romance arc in Cyberpunk 2077 is complex, since you’ll interact with Judy in so many missions (both main and side missions).

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