Coronavirus Symptoms: Early Signs, Serious Symptoms

is dizziness a sign of covid

Severe COVID-19 symptoms tend to affect older people or those with underlying conditions. But they can develop in anyone, so it’s important to take a test if you think you have signs of the virus. To protect yourself and others from COVID-19, get vaccinated and limit contact with those who are infected. You don’t have to have an underlying condition to develop severe symptoms.

is dizziness a sign of covid

Researchers are still trying to determine the exact number of people who experience dizziness with COVID-19. While there are limited studies, evidence suggests that dizziness and vertigo are neurological symptoms of COVID-19. Dizziness is a neurological symptom of COVID-19 that occurs as an early or initial symptom of the disease. It sometimes occurs with vertigo, a feeling your surroundings are spinning.

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Molnupiravir (Lagevrio) has been given emergency use authorization for treating the virus. If you have serious COVID-19 symptoms, you should get one of these treatments as soon as possible. If you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor’s office or hospital before you go in. This will help them prepare to treat you and protect medical staff and other people.

It’s not uncommon for viral infections to make you feel dizzy and lightheaded. Some people with COVID have developed inner ear problems and POTS, which causes dizziness. POTS is another health condition that research has linked to COVID. POTS causes a sudden sell drop in blood flow to the heart after you stand up, which might cause dizziness. A study published in 2022 of 12,000 adults with COVID found that 260 developed POTS after infection. Some evidence suggests a link between COVID and neurological conditions.

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Loss of taste and smell are other neurological symptoms of COVID-19, but these are peripheral nervous symptoms. Skeletal and muscular injury manifestations are the third category. It is unknown how COVID-19 leads to long COVID or why some people experience prolonged or new symptoms long after the infection has cleared. Vestibular neuritis happens when an infection causes inflammation of the nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain. In fact, some case reports, like one from 2020 and one from 2021, have described vestibular neuritis during or shortly after COVID-19.

Although it’s less common than respiratory symptoms, you might have dizziness and vertigo with COVID. Read on to learn about COVID dizziness, why it might happen, and when to see a healthcare provider. they said You can test at home using a rapid antigen test, which you can buy at your local pharmacy. Contact a healthcare provider for testing if you have more severe symptoms or are considered at high risk.

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COVID-19 dizziness is a symptom that quite some people experience due to an infection with the coronavirus. In this article, we’ll guide you through the possible ways you can experience this dizziness, its mechanisms, how long it usually takes, and what you can do about it. Autonomic dysfunction refers to conditions in which nerves are these details damaged. These nerves control vital functions like blood pressure, heart rate, and digestion. If the fever is causing your dizziness, the dizziness might improve as your fever lessens. If you have dizziness because of COVID-19 exacerbating an underlying medical condition, the dizziness will improve once that condition is managed.

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