Nick Jonas On Managing Diabetes: ‘The Mental Health Aspect Is Important’

nick jonas diabetes

Additionally, he said that people born with certain types of autoimmune conditions are more predisposed to develop type 1 diabetes. Correa said these children can go into something called diabetic ketoacidosis, or diabetic coma, a potentially life-threatening condition. here Many times early symptoms of the disease are relatively mild and go unnoticed by parents and caregivers. “Never let anything hold you back from living your best life. Thank you to all my fans for your kind words and support. Means more than you know,” he wrote.

I actually find it easier to manage my diabetes when I’m on the road. Last night was one of those bumps in the road that I mention to people who are diagnosed. There are days that are unpredictable and challenging and you need to just find your way through it. I think in my teenage years before I had the technology that we have today, it was 12 or 14 finger sticks, as well as injections and other things I was dealing with while going through major hormonal changes during puberty. It was happening to me while I was going on tour in front of thousands of people while also trying to be a spokesperson for a disease that is incredibly challenging and not predictable for sure.

“Diabetes Freedom is not just about managing numbers, it’s about reclaiming the joy in life. It’s about the sweet victory of a balanced meal, the triumph of an active day, and the peace that comes from knowing you’re in control Learn more about our services.

Speaking with On Track Diabetes, the ‘Jealous’ singer explained how he initially noticed a change in his temperament, had started feeling thirsty all the time and needed to use the bathroom far more than normal. Nick explained to People about how one of his older brothers first recognized that he was drinking an “insatiable” amount of soda yet had lost weight. Nick Jonas has opened up about being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just 13 years old, revealing that the disease caused him to lose an excessive amount of weight. Type 1 diabetes means the body creates very little or no insulin, requiring medication. My dream scenario would be to do an educational video that takes the scary nature of a diagnosis out of the equation. And whether it’s me or someone else speaking to a newly diagnosed person, but produced in a really high quality way that can be shared with thousands of people annually.

Jonas continues, “I knew that there will be good days and bad days but I didn’t know that sometimes, especially as you get older going from being a 13-year-old to now 29 there are ways to take the pressure off.” “I am a perfectionist and definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to do the best I can always and that includes, you know, my life with diabetes,” he says. “But also, I understand that a lot of things are out see of my control and keep me on my toes all the time.” “I had this kind of wrench thrown into things when I was diagnosed and it took a while to figure out how to count carbs to properly dose for insulin and what things would affect me in different ways,” Jonas tells PEOPLE. The 29-year-old singer recently spoke to PEOPLE about his health and the kind of change he hopes to make as National Diabetes Awareness Month kicks off.

“Embrace Diabetes Freedom as a journey of empowerment. It’s the courage to make healthy choices, the strength to maintain discipline, and the wisdom to seek help when needed. It’s about living life on your terms, not dictated by a condition Learn more about our services.

He took time out of his world tour to sit down with STAT’s Nicholas St. Fleur and Dexcom’s Chief Commercial Officer, Teri Lawver, at HLTH in Las Vegas on Sunday to discuss his personal journey with the disease. Jonas, who is a celebrity spokesperson for Dexcom and wears its continuous glucose monitor on his upper arm, spoke about the medical device’s impact on his life and his advocacy work with his nonprofit Beyond Type 1. Nick Jonas has just detailed the symptoms he experienced prior to being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

nick jonas diabetes

Although it has been an ongoing battle, 30-year-old Jonas now has a “fairly good grip on it.” He admitted that he wished he had someone to look up to after being diagnosed so young. He now wants to be that role model for others who are trying to manage the disease. “Education is part of the conversation. With Type 1 or Type 2, you can have sugar and you just have to take insulin. There are all these things that we just have to educate people on,” he says. These his response days, Jonas simply shrugs it off and realizes that moments like these are proof of how important ongoing education can be. The Jonas Brothers are currently on tour, and Jonas says the three-hour show helps him prioritize his health while he’s on the road. Jonas’ siblings always make sure he has juice and a fruit snack by his bedside table when he stays over their houses, and he’s grateful that they jump into action when a bout of low or high sugar does occur.

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