What To Expect At Your Bone Density DXA Scan

what do you wear for a bone density test

What’s even better is that the entire exam is quick maybe 10 or 15 minutes plus the time it takes for the technician to set everything up. All told, I think I was in and out within half an hour at my last scan. After the Dexa Scan, your test results will return data on your percentage of visceral fat, weak points within the body, warning signs of possible health issues and diseases, and more.

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what do you wear for a bone density test

When she reviewed his form, she was surprised that he was taking the test at this time. He had no history of fracture and, according to guidelines she followed, he was too young to take the test. When Richard pointed out that he wanted a baseline score and that his mother and sister had osteoporosis, the Technologist was dismissive.

The U.S Preventive Services Task Force recommends bone density screening for females over 65 or who have risk factors for osteoporosis. If you have your bone density test done at a hospital, it’ll probably be done on a device where you lie on a padded platform while a mechanical arm passes over your body. The amount of radiation you’re exposed they said to is very low, much less than the amount emitted during a chest X-ray. Your doctor may advise you to start weight-bearing exercises, balance exercises, strengthening exercises, or a weight loss program. Professionals certified to interpret DEXA images will review your results and write a report that will be sent to your healthcare provider.

Decreased bone density and strength can lead to weakened bones that easily break. A bone density test helps screen, diagnose, and monitor the effects of conditions that put people at higher risk for fractures, including osteopenia and osteoporosis. The scoring system for the scan measures your bone loss against that of a healthy young adult, according to standards established by the WHO. It’s the standard deviation between your measured bone loss and the average.

And, you don’t feel the chill of the metal table beneath you, because you’re in your own clothing, not a paper gown. I wasn’t told to wear anything special, but I might dress differently for my next bone scan. At my most recent test, the technician noticed that my pants had a metal zipper, which would be detected by the DEXA scan. Instead of this content making me remove my pants, the technician just folded my zipper in such a way that it wouldn’t interfere with the X-ray. Next time, I’ll remember to wear something without metal zippers or buttons. If you track your carbs, time your laps and rarely forget your FitBit at home, you already understand the importance of collecting health data.

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