golf cart battery reconditioning kit

If the battery has taken a charge, replace the cell caps and use your cart normally. Put a trickle charger on the batteries every night to keep the batteries in peak condition. If you’re having problems official statement with the battery not charging, check to make sure there isn’t a problem with the battery charger itself. Always make sure your charger is operating correctly before testing your batteries.

Then brush it on the battery terminals to remove any corrosion. If the corrosion is hard, you can use steel wool or sandpaper to have an extra abrasive texture in peeling off the corrosion. Reconnect all the battery cables and charge your batteries overnight using a 3-phase charger. We are going to determine which ones hold a charge properly and which ones do not. STEP 3Prepare a mixture of baking soda (2 parts) and distilled water (1 part).

golf cart battery reconditioning kit

Clean the battery with your paintbrush dipped in a baking soda solution as described in Step 2. Rinse your battery with plain water, making certain none of the water gets into any of the cells. Charge the battery overnight with a three-phase charger set to charge 6-volt batteries. On some chargers you will need to manually set the charge between 2.3 and 2.35 volts. Attach the positive wire (red) to the positive (+) pole of the battery and the negative wire (black) to the negative (-) pole of the battery. Plug in and switch on the charger after it is connected to the battery.

By putting a dummy load on the batteries, you can see how the battery performs when actually being used. Recheck the batteries fluid levels and refill to the proper levels. Chuck began working on golf carts after relocating to a golf community in Arkansas, and acquired an interest in vintage barn finds . Even with the internet community as a resource visit the website for parts and reference, there are some searches that take hours to find needed information and many results are incorrect. He compiles corrected diagrams and drawings to simplify the hobbyist’s quest for identifying and restoring their golf cart. He uses his personal experiences to bring you useful and current info to get the best out of your cart.

Finally, we are done with the golf cart battery reconditioning. If you plan to try at home, I am very interested in knowing your feedback and experience. A low temperature can slow down the charge and discharge rate sell of any golf cart cells. Yes, it is reasonably possible to recondition your golf cart batteries. If the battery is not fully dead and you can charge it up to a certain extent, it will be possible to refurbish it.

Mix 2 quarts of distilled water that has been previously warmed with about 8 ounces of Epsom salts. Make sure the Epsom salt is completely dissolved by stirring the solution. Learning how to refurbish a battery in your golf cart isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

Battery charging is performed when you are parked for the day. STEP 5Grab your flat head screw and remove the battery caps. After, prepare the bucket and drain the old electrolyte solution into the bucket. Give the battery another overnight charge as described in Step 6. The Epsom salts should remove deposits on the battery plates which previously prevented the battery from taking a full charge. If the battery still won’t take a full charge, it likely cannot be saved.

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