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forklift battery reconditioning

In this step we even out cell capacity with an additional equalization charge and mix the eventually added acid with the electrolyte. In case the equalization charge did not suffice and a minority of cells are too weak a circuit is built with these cells and they are charged apart from the forklift battery. In case the equalization charge did not suffice and a minority of cells are too strong we disconnect them from the circuit and the rest of the forklift battery is charged without them. A new lead-acid or lithium-ion forklift battery can enhance efficiency and safety. Find out how new batteries improve workflows and bottom lines. Preserve forklift batteries for more sustainable operations.

All wash water is treated after each cleaning to allow for safe non-hazardous disposal by our team. By extending the life span of your lead-acid industrial forklift batteries the amount of replacement battery purchases will be reduced, which helps your company save money in the long-term. All reconditioned forklift batteries are delivered with full warranty. For over 33 years BPS has been offering world-class service, including regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency repair for forklift batteries and chargers. No matter what your service needs, rely on our expertise and knowledge to optimize your fleet’s performance and reduce downtime, saving you time and money.

Follow these tips to maximize their lifespan, dispose of them safely, and use rebuilt batteries. Exponential Power mobile service trucks are equipped to provide immediate field service. Our service technicians can also provide in-plant battery and charger surveys, OSHA regulation such a good point information and maintenance training. If you are looking for a used, refurbished or reconditioned lift truck battery, or battery handling equipment, you have come to the right place. Exponential Power is one of the Midwest’s largest and most experienced battery facilities.

forklift battery reconditioning

Here we wash the forklift battery with water and acid neutralization chemicals. This helps provide clean and safe working conditions and also takes away eventual creep currents . Routine lift truck maintenance prevents internet expensive downtime and extensive repairs. Discover forklift maintenance that helps your machine perform at its best. Understanding forklift battery chargers improves productivity, safety, and battery longevity.

In many cases, we can fix your battery or charger right in your plant, so you don’t have the inconvenience of extended downtime. If the difference between cell capacity still is too large then there remains no other solution navigate here than a cell change. We find and fix the high resistance parts of the battery, apart from eventual cells. Green Power Forklift Batteries will pick up your scrap forklift batteries anywhere in continental North America.

If you have used forklift batteries of your own, you can send them to us for reconditioning, as well. However, purchasing a new or refurbished battery may still be necessary to ensure that you have working forklift batteries while your used batteries are being reconditioned. All water and debris is removed from each job and treated for safe disposal. All water and debris is removed from your facility and treated for safe disposal.

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