Everstart Maxx Battery Charger BC50BE Quick Start Guide

everstart battery reconditioning

The reconditioning process described in this article applies only to lead-acid batteries, as used in cars and other vehicles. You might get some months extra if you repeat the reconditioning process, but you can blog only recondition a few times. Once 100% capacitated and fully reconditioned, the charger switches to float charging, which allows the charger to maintain the battery at a 100% capacity without overcharging it.

everstart battery reconditioning

All you have to do in some cases is hook up the charger, attach it to the battery and let it do the diagnosing and work. Look at the owner’s manual to see if it gives you an exact time frame but that may be impossible to do as there are so many different factors involved. If the charger is malfunctioning, it may not the advantage recondition or charge the battery at all. However, if the charger is malfunctioning, and this can happen, the unit may go into this mode when there is nothing wrong with your battery. You may have to take it to a technician or return it to the store to get a new model if this starts to happen when you connect it up.

Reconditioning restores the battery’s capacity by removing the excess residue of lead sulfate crystals that have formed in the battery cells and refreshing the electrolyte solution. The battery reconditioning charger must be able to properly read and calculate the voltage and amperage of the battery. This will allow it to monitor and adjust its current and voltage input to the battery itself. Another one of our favorite reconditioning battery chargers is intended for 12V lead-acid batteries only. The reconditioning function works separately from the charging function and must also be treated as such. Periodic reconditioning is recommended to maintain a battery’s optimum performance.

The problem of plugged in, not charging may be caused by a damaged cord. Check the whole length of the power cord for fraying or other damage on your laptop. Please check with the retailer for their specific return policy regarding returns that are beyond the time set for exchanges. To stop the test hit the alternator check button again and the test will stop and all icons will disappear.

The purpose of adding baking soda is to neutralize the acid solution. Reconditioning your car battery can increase its lifespan and get a few more months or years in. Of course, a new battery lasts longer than an old reconditioned one, but the point is that reconditioning your battery can help you use your old battery for a bit longer before disposal. Ensure to get the battery professionally reconditioned, so it is properly done to make your battery last. Even if using a high-quality charger eliminates the possibility of overcharging, the battery shouldn’t be left attached to the charger for longer than 24 hours. Overnight charging is typically required to reach full capacity.

About EverstartEverStart batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls. These have good quality, and durability, and require little upkeep. AGM and lead acid super fast reply batteries are both available in the EverStart series. EverStart Plus and EverStart Maxx are the two most often used AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery versions.

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