The 6 Best Mattresses For Back Pain In 2024 Reviews By Wirecutter

best mattress for back pain

We admit to a bit of sticker shock since it’s significantly more expensive than the average mattress, but, with a near-perfect performance, it’s an investment that pays off. Our product experts have extensive experience testing just about every sleep product on the market. A mattress in a box may release unpleasant chemical odors for a short period after you’ve unboxed it.

While the mattress is more expensive than many others, the extra customer service may make it worth purchasing. DreamCloud claims that 4 out of 5 people with back pain that bought DreamCloud mattresses experienced improvements in their pain. It is an affordable option at just under $800, and comprises many of the same features as more expensive mattresses. The Purple RestorePremier Hybrid mattress comes in Purple’s softest option. Check out our list of the best mattresses for back pain, tested and rated by our sleep experts. We tested top mattresses in our homes to find the best ones for back pain relief.

best mattress for back pain

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This bed is made from four layers of foam, ranging from a top layer of perforated foam for cooling, to a lower layer that includes pads of gel for additional support under the waist and lower back. The coils at the base provide airflow and make the mattress a little more durable. The firmness of this mattress is what makes it the best for lower back pain. Firm support is key so that you can relieve pressure, reduce tossing and turning, and have a better night’s sleep overall.

Motion isolation is also very good here, but the cooling, contouring effect of the Nectar Premier Copper will limit how much you or your partner toss in bed, saving your backs from further strain. Our Best Budget have a peek here pick features three layers of high-quality foam to support and contour your body for less than $1,000 for a Queen size. Stomach, back, and side sleepers will all benefit from this medium-firm mattress.

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The researchers found that the new mattresses reduced back pain by 62.8% and stiffness by 58.4%. Over time, the mattress can soften and sag, said Bert Jacobson, EdD, the study’s lead author and a professor of health via and human performance at Oklahoma State University. It becomes less good at aligning your spine. Even if you start out with a medium-firm mattress, you might not actually be sleeping on one 10 years later.

Other features include USB ports for charging your devices at night and under-bed lighting to help you navigate your bedroom when the lights are out. The zoned support core features thicker coils along the perimeter and beneath your chest reference and hips. This helps you move across the surface without feeling stuck, and also helps ensure you’ll feel extra pushback around heavier areas of the body. The cover is made of proprietary ArcticTex fabric that feels cool to the touch.

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