Back Pain Symptoms And Causes

causes of lower back pain

Pain may be sharp or dull and achy, and it may radiate to your bottom or down the back of your legs (sciatica). If you strain your back during an activity, you may hear a pop when it happened. Pain is often worse in certain positions (like bending over) and gets better when you lie down. In some cases, pain can make it difficult or impossible to walk, sleep, work or do everyday activities.

causes of lower back pain

Almost any cancer can spread to the back and some, like sarcoma, can originate in the back. Be cautious, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms besides lower back pain. Talk to your doctor if you have additional symptoms try this or concerns. Kidneys are located on the back side of your body and kidney pain can sometimes feel like back pain. The only true way to tell the difference is to visit a doctor who can conduct a thorough examination.

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There are so many possible reasons for your back pain that it’s wise to see your healthcare provider soon instead of trying to figure it out yourself. You may have something common like a muscle strain or there could be an underlying condition like kidney stones or endometriosis. If the pain here is shooting from the lower back into one or both legs, it could be sciatica (nerve pain), but it’s not always the case. There are many parts in the lower back that may cause the pain to radiate into the legs, such as facet joints, sacroiliac joints, muscles or inflammation of the bursa.

A common cause of back pain is injury to a muscle or ligament. These strains and sprains can occur for many reasons, including improper lifting, poor posture and lack of regular exercise. Being overweight may increase the risk of back strains and sprains. Lower back pain is a common occurrence that often resolves without needing to be under medical care. Seeing a healthcare provider for persistent or worsening back pain and back pain that presents with neurological symptoms is a good idea.

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Lower back pain is either acute (short-term) or chronic. Acute lower back pain will last days to a few weeks and resolves these details on its own or with lifestyle changes. Chronic back pain will last more than three months and may worsen.

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