Cracking Your Knuckles: Is It Bad For You?

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Although cracking your knuckles regularly can be relatively harmless, it can also cause damage if it’s done incorrectly or too frequently. If you pull or crack your knuckles incorrectly, you can actually cause a ligament injury or even dislocate your fingers. If you notice sudden pain or swelling after cracking your knuckles, you may have caused an injury to your joint ant you should see your doctor his response as soon as possible. A study conducted in 1990 showed chronic knuckle cracking may affect hand health. Researchers looked at 300 participants and found those who cracked their joints had a higher rate of inflammation and a weaker grip. If you notice your joints are painful or swollen while cracking your knuckles, it’s likely due to an underlying condition and should be evaluated by your doctor.

To improve grip strength, your doctor might recommend specific exercises that require you to grasp different devices. If you happen to notice swelling (or if your fingers appear crooked), Dr. Stearns advises that you go to you could try this out the doctor. You may have injured a ligament or even dislocated your finger. Although it’s not easy, if you pull hard enough, it’s possible to pull your finger out of the joint or injure the ligaments around the joint.

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While many of us enjoy cracking your knuckles every now and again, it can actually wreak havoc on your joint health and even increase your risk of developing arthritis. click here for info Learn more about why you should nip this bad habit in the bud. Newer research published in 2017 concluded that knuckle cracking didn’t affect grip strength.

Conventional wisdom is wrong when it comes to knuckle cracking. As long as you’re cracking them correctly, you’re not damaging your joints. The habit won’t lead to arthritis, though it may affect hand grip strength. If the habit begins to affect your daily life, talk to your doctor about behavioral therapy. If you crack your knuckles, there aren’t any serious health effects to worry about. In fact, some people report relief when they pop their knuckles.

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“You’re breaking those bubbles up just like bubble wrap,” Dr. Kakar explains. “You’re pressing them, and then the bubbles are bursting.” It’s also a good idea to seek professional help if the habit interferes with your daily life.

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One review in the Swiss Medical Journal found no evidence in any of the available studies that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. For some, it feels like the only way to alleviate stiffness. Some people do it for the noise or because it’s fun to send non-knuckle crackers running out of the room.

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Researchers used MRI scans of fingers as they were cracked in real time and found the noise happens due to the formation of a cavity in the joint. In one report, researchers from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences examined a group of 215 people. Twenty percent of them said they cracked their knuckles regularly. The reason the joint makes a popping or cracking sound when pulled is still not completely understood. For a long time, many people attributed the noise to nitrogen bubbles either forming or collapsing in the joint fluid. Others thought it came from movement of the ligaments around the knuckle.

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