Arthritis In Foot And Ankle: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatments

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Here are some of the more common types of arthritis that strike in the ankle. Ankle arthritis is most commonly caused by osteoarthritis following a past injury try what he says to your ankle or foot. It can be mild at first, but if left unchecked, arthritis can progress, resulting in cartilage degeneration and worsening symptoms.

In people who have sustained an injury such as an ankle fracture, the cartilage may be damaged and this could lead to accelerated arthritis. When the ankle is injured, it is such a good point also susceptible to an injury called osteonecrosis. When osteonecrosis occurs as the result of an ankle injury, there is damage to the blood flow to a portion of the bone.

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Working with a physical therapist can help improve your overall ankle mobility and reduce pain. If you’re living with arthritis, consider speaking with a healthcare professional to discuss which treatment options may be best for you. The most common cause of ankle arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is one type of degenerative or wear and tear read what he said arthritis that usually affects your hip and knees. It’s thought that repetitive stress or overuse of these joints leads to degenerative changes, but the cause is slightly different in ankle arthritis. While the causes of ankle arthritis can vary, the symptoms are caused by ongoing inflammation that leads to degeneration of your joint.

The joint space has been reduced in size due to continued degeneration. The ideal candidate for TAR is someone with good bone quality, normal tendons and ligaments, reasonable alignment and normal neurologic function. If you’ve been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis, medication management is essential. Compression sleeves and braces that you can purchase at the drugstore also may help. If you’re carrying some extra pounds, losing weight can help.

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Activity modification like this is an important part of the treatment for ankle arthritis. Patients who are unwilling to change their lifestyle generally should not consider surgical treatments. Diagnosis of ankle osteoarthritis usually begins with the patient’s medical history.

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This lessens the chance of developing adjacent joint arthritis. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to help reduce stiffness and improve strength in the ankle joint. Therapy includes strength and flexibility exercises and cold and hot therapy.

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Arthrodesis fuses the bones of the joint completely, making one continuous bone out of two or more bones. The goal of the procedure is to reduce pain by eliminating motion in the arthritic joint. Your doctor may recommend surgery if your pain causes disability and is not relieved with nonsurgical treatment. The type of surgery will depend on the type and location of the arthritis and the impact of the disease on your joints. In some cases, your doctor may recommend more than one type of surgery. The ankle joint gets a lot of stress and implants aren’t as good as natural bone, Dr. Bhatt says.

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