Acid Reflux Medicine: OTC, Prescription, Home Remedies

apple cider vinegar for acid reflux

However, none have been proved to treat GERD or reverse damage to the esophagus. Talk to your health care provider if you’re considering taking alternative therapies to treat GERD. Your doctor is likely to recommend that you first try lifestyle changes and nonprescription medications. If you don’t experience relief within a few weeks, your doctor might recommend prescription medication and additional testing. An upper endoscopy procedure involves inserting a long, flexible tube called an endoscope down your throat and into your esophagus. A tiny camera on the end of the endoscope allows views of your esophagus, stomach and the beginning of your small intestine, called the duodenum.

Over-the-counter antacids are best for intermittent and relatively infrequent symptoms of reflux. When taken frequently, antacids may worsen the problem. They leave the stomach quickly, and your stomach actually increases acid production as a result.

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A severe case of GERD may continue to cause complications despite medication, even if you can’t feel it. Some people find they can reduce acid reflux with lifestyle adjustments, like changing their eating habits, reducing alcohol and tobacco and losing weight. Fatty foods increase stomach acid and take longer to digest, so there’s check these guys out more opportunity for acid to escape. If you have a heavier meal for dinner, it might not have time to digest before you lie down. Many things can contribute to weakening your LES, either temporarily or permanently. Sometimes occasional acid reflux turns into chronic GERD when these factors overlap or persist for a long time.

A person experiences heartburn when stomach fluids remain in the esophagus long enough to damage its lining. Stomach acid is powerful stuff, built to break down the food you eat for digestion. Your stomach has a tough inner lining more info to protect it from its own acid. Surgery in your chest or upper abdomen may have injured your esophagus. Babies are more likely to have GERD if they’re born prematurely or with a condition that affects their esophagus.

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However, some cases of acid reflux require prescription or other remedies. A person should use caution when combining or taking multiple medications. A doctor can advise people on the safety of using get the facts acid reflux medications based on their health conditions and other medications. A flexible tube with a light and a camera on the end is inserted into the esophagus to see what is happening inside it.

A person should talk to their doctor if they have persistent or frequent acid reflux. A person should talk to their doctor about prescription medications if OTC medication is not working for them. Similar to the OTC versions, H2 receptor blockers block histamine receptors in the stomach. This causes a reduction in the production of stomach acid.

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Get to know your body’s reaction to certain foods by keeping a journal. Histamine-2 (H2) receptor blockers are stomach acid production blockers. They may work in the short or long term for indigestion and a stomach or peptic ulcer. Antacids are OTC medications that neutralize stomach acid from indigestion. They are the first line of defense against acid reflux. You can consume antacids by chewing tablets, dissolving the remedy in water, or swallowing a liquid that helps coat the stomach.

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